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2019 Summer School Information

What are the dates for district Summer School? Monday, June 17 through Thursday, July 25, 2019. (6 weeks minus July 4th holiday)

What are the locations for district Summer School? Clairemont, iHigh Virtual Academy, Crawford, Lincoln, San Diego HS, Henry, and Morse High Schools.

Can students take both seat based and online classes? In very rare circumstances students can be enrolled in both. Special permission is needed for this from the counselor and site administration. The form can be obtained from the school counselor.

Does the district provide transportation for summer school? No, there is no district transportation provided for summer school.

Which ONLINE courses are offered during district Summer School? Credit recovery classes for grades 9-12 in all core classes: English, math, social studies, Spanish and French. "Credit Recovery" means that students who previously earned a D or F grade in the class may re-take the class to suppress/replace the low grade (and to earn credit towards graduation if a class was previously failed). There are no online versions of ADV, HRS, AP or IB classes.

STUDENT LOGINS: Students can log into their Edgenuity class using the following:, click on students, then enter district ID and district password. This is the same ID and password used to log on to the computers. Students that are new to Edgenuity will watch an 8 minute orientation video. This video and the support section will be available to assist students with questions on how the class operates. A good first step is to contact the teacher through the message center. The name of the teacher can be found in the student schedule in Powerschool.

Classes for new students will be available on June 18, the first day of summer school. Your login will not work until June 18.

May students take a first-time online class in order to get ahead during the summer? The current status is that no first-time online courses will be offered this summer.

How do students sign up for district Summer School? 1) Fill out the application, including student and parent signature. Be sure to circle your school of choice at the bottom of the application. 2) Give the completed application packet to your school counselor. 3) The counselor will check your course selection(s) and enter your course request in Powerschool.

How do students know which online class(es) to sign up for? On the application, check off the district class(es) you need to make up. The online enrollment staff will make sure you are enrolled in the corresponding online class.

When is the deadline to apply? Summer classes fill very quickly. While there is no deadline printed on the application, students are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible. Early submissions will increase the probability of being enrolled at your first school of choice.

Do students ever report to campus for online classes, or do they work entirely on their own? Students will be able to log into their Edgenuity classes on June 17. There is an 8 minute orientation video that students watch to familiarize themselves with the course functions. Students can refer back to the orientation video and review the support pages at any time for a refresher on how the course operates. Students may wish to attend the campus in which they are enrolled to ensure a smooth login process the first time. After that, students must report to campus for the proctored midterm (around July 6) and proctored final exams (no later than July 25). Please note that proctored exams may be taken at the online classroom at any of the summer sites. If the student lives closest to Lincoln High, but the student's teacher is based at iHigh, the student may report to the online classroom at Lincoln High to take the proctored exam. Students take the exams when they reach that portion of the course; there are no set exam schedules. Students must finish their classwork by July 25th.

Can students attend every day?: Students have the ability to go to a campus every day for one of the online labs if needed. There is a credentialed teacher placed at every open high school for the summer session. Students that would like to work at the school site for the morning should plan on arriving at the start of the first period for that school to ensure a smooth entry process. Students arriving late may have to proceed through the attendance office for that school.

Transcript grades and drops: All iHigh summer courses earn transcript grades. Students who begin an online course and then decide to drop must notify their summer school office by the drop deadline. After the drop deadline, students will receive a transcript grade for the class. This means that students who simply stop working part way through the summer will likely receive an "NG" grade on their transcript for No Grade.

On-site Teachers: There will be at least one online teacher based at each summer school site.

Proctored exams: All core courses require a proctored midterm (by July 6 for most) and a proctored final (by Wednesday, July 24th for summer graduate seniors, and by Thursday, July 25th at the latest for all other students). This is a UC requirement. Students must be able to come to any summer campus for proctored exams during the summer school day. Different high schools have different start and end times, so please check the schedules and plan ahead. Students should arrive early enough to complete exams before the teachers go off duty. The pacing guide for each class shows suggested exam dates. Please note that teachers must have sufficient time to grade all coursework and to enter final grades by 11AM on July 26th.

Planning coursework: Most students are able to successfully complete one or two online credit recovery courses during the short 6-week summer session. Courses are taken one at a time and are only for credit recovery courses; there are no first-time course offerings.

Summer Travel: We do not recommend online summer classes for students who will be on extended travel during the summer session. Experience has shown that students often stop doing coursework once they start traveling, which results in falling behind, running out of time, and earning a low transcript grade. If students plan ahead, they are able to work ahead in their courses, to help accommodate summer travel plans. Please keep in mind that students must report to campus for a proctored midterm and final exam and may be stopped in their coursework until this can be accomplished. Please plan ahead for summer success.

Summer Program Closing: Summer session closes no later than 11:00 AM on July 26. Teachers must enter all final grades by 11AM, and then they go off duty for the rest of the summer. There cannot be extensions after July 26th. There are no special circumstances for summer courses. In rare cases, courses will need to be dropped and retaken during the school year from the beginning of the course. The district closes the summer student information system on July 26th to start processing summer report cards and to start preparing for the fall semester. Summer grades should be mailed home by mid-to-late August.

QUESTIONS? Please email the Program Manager, Eunique Johnson at

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